Global Chauffeured Transportation Solutions

tailored to your needs anywhere in the world.


Global Chauffeured Transportation Solutions

tailored to your needs anywhere in the world.


Global Chauffeured Transportation Solutions

tailored to your needs anywhere in the world.


Global Chauffeured Transportation Solutions

tailored to your needs anywhere in the world.


Global Chauffeured Transportation Solutions

tailored to your needs anywhere in the world.


Global Chauffeured Transportation Solutions

tailored to your needs anywhere in the world.

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Premier chauffeured luxury vehicle services

All Types of Luxury Vehicles

The Slade Services Team has experience working with every type of luxury vehicle and bus transportation.


Ride In Safety

Safety is a top priority in a travel decision, and your charter bus transportation should not be any different. Safety is the top priority at Slade Services.

Customer Satisfaction

Our team will do everything we can to ensure your transportation is early or on-time to your departure location.


Experience the finest
Chauffeured luxury vehicle services

International coverage

Slade Services has operations in all major international and U.S. cities including London, New York City, Paris, Los Angeles and Las Vegas

Credit cards accepted

Slade Services is happy to accept all forms of payment including Visa, Mastercard and Discover

Best reviews

Slade Services continues to receive the highest reviews from our satisfied clientele.

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Experience the finest
Chauffeured luxury vehicle services

Slade Services New York City

New York City

Chauffeur, pickup and car services

Slade Services Los Angeles

Los Angeles

Chauffeur, pickup and car services

Slade Services Aspen


Chauffeur, pickup and car services

Slade Services Las Vegas

Las Vegas

Chauffeur, pickup and car services

Slade Services is a multi-functional ground transportation service delivery expert. We provide ground transportation and logistic solutions to an assortment of different client types in all major US, European and Asian markets. For the last 40 years, Slade Services’ clientele roster has featured the one percent of the one percent and includes a list of VVIP accounts with many of these clients coming from the music, entertainment and film industries, and ranging from the individual artists, to managers, support staff and road crews, and to larger studio-type accounts as well.

More recently, we coordinated the Rolling Stones North American Tour, The Rain Forest Concert in New York City and Nikki Minaj’s “Nicki World Tour”. We are a diverse and understanding group of industry veterans who are familiar with the specific mindset and attention to detail required to support these types of VVIP accounts. Slade Services has a ZERO tolerance policy towards failing to deliver and meet our client’s needs. We assume nothing, and make sure to stay on-top of our client’s fluid and often-changing demands, and we work diligently to make sure our chauffeurs are informed and up-to-date with these quick-to-change ground transportation needs.

Short notice is never an issue for Slade Services as we try to deliver when others cannot. We derive a top level of service from limousine services that our clients are often unable to garner for themselves. These operational traits and our dedicated commitment to high quality service has been ingrained within us through our long standing relationships with five-star hospitality providers such as The Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons Hotels. We commonly refrain that we are no more than “ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen”.

COVID- Slade Services has taken extra steps to ensure a safe delivery of all ground transportation needs. All Slade Services chauffeurs are required to be vaccinated and wear a mask at all times and are instructed to ensure that every vehicle is thoroughly sanitized before and after each trip (this includes sanitizing the vehicles in between different client bookings, as well as sanitizing the vehicles in between trips from point A to point B while assisting the same client). Same day testing upon request with 48 hour notice. ($75)

If you are looking for a high-end and deeply specialized style of service delivery for your valued celebrities and executive personnel, then Slade Services is your answer. I hope that this brief overview was helpful, but please do let me know if I can answer any further questions.

Slade Services Motor coach services

Motor coach services

Slade Services is proud to offer full-size luxury motor coach services that accommodate corporate events, executive transport and large groups. We are dedicated to providing Motorcoach and Charter Bus transportation with elevated standards of performance.

Aviation services

Slade Services can transport you directly to and from private airports across the country. Avoid the hassle of the airport, and experience the benefits of your own plane, no crowds, no security lines — quite simply, no hassles. Just an easy, pleasant experience.

Slade Services Aviation

What our clients say

Slade Services is a great chauffeur and transportation provider for high security or high protocol events such as VIP pickups, celebrity appearances or support transport. We take the security of our high profile clients very seriously and Slade is always there when you need them.

James S.

Security Manager

Slade Services made everything that goes into transporting a VIP to an event seamless. From security to prompt arrival and departure times, Slade was there when we needed them! Thanks Slade Services!

Marie S.

Executive Assistant

Client satisfaction is job #1

Whether correctly meeting your plane at an FBO or arranging for discreet passage for celebrities, the experience of the Slade Services Team surpasses all the competition. Our clients range from captains of industry, movie and music personalities, current and former professional athletes, former presidents and VIP diplomats, to private parties in need of discreet and professional, chauffeured ground transportation services.

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About slade services

SLADE SERVICES is one of the world’s foremost experts on executive chauffeured reservation management. Starting in 1980 with one car, our executives founded and created “CLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services.”

SLADE SERVICES has over 40 years of experience providing high-end transportation services for some of the the worlds most discerning clients. We are the professional solution for anyone needing high-end chauffeured ground consulting and handling.

Slade Services Born To Be A Rock Star

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The Regional Security Office: Protects U.S. diplomatic facilities, personnel, and information. Serves as the U.S. embassy’s law enforcement liaison to the host nation. Advises Americans about safety and security abroad. I learned from a security person that when our clients travel abroad its helpful to make contact with the Regional Security Officer in the country

The Power of Relationships


In 1997 The Rolling Stones were playing Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. When working with this band, there is a lot of planning that goes into everything. One thing about this band is that after 35 years they have this down to a science. Nothing is left to chance. The day before the show I

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Slade Services is an Ground Transportation Management Company.
Slade is not a Transportation operator or a direct Ground carrier and is not in operational control of the vehicle.
Reservations will be operated by a direct Ground carrier or direct foreign Ground carrier, as applicable, which will have operational control of the vehicle.

Slade Services Fleet